You’d be non-conforming too, if you looked just like me.

Happy February everyone!
Time for my new years resolutions.

I decided at the end of December that January was a far too depressing time to be starting any new things; losing weight is impossible when we were gifted more chocolate than anyone needs for a full year (No complaints, though. Seriously, yum.) and exercise is impossible because you’re too tired from wrapping and drinking and opening and drinking and eating. And drinking. (Quick question, am I the only one who cannot spell exercise? I had to Google it because spell checker couldn’t even guess what I was attempting to type…)

Another benefit to starting new year resolutions in February is I’ve had more time to think about it than other people so none of these “I’ll only drink once a month” and “I’m going to be vegan this year” resolutions that you make in a hangover haze that no-one ever keeps and you just have all your friends laugh at you.

So here we go, here’s mine!

  1.      I will lose my “moving out of home weight” Pretty sure this is a common phenomenon known by every student or teenager (I know 20 isn’t teenager any more, just let me hold on for a little longer.) who moves out of home and is allowed to stock their own fridge. The trips round the supermarket where things just fly into the basket of their own accord and into your mouth without you realising are gone! I will be a bit less fat. (Being fat is a part of my job so I can’t lose too much. It’s for my career…)
  2.      I’m going to teach myself to bake bread. Okay, so maybe this and my first resolution don’t quite match up but this is where the career bit comes in… I got Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake from my mummy so with the help from my new favourite silver fox (It used to be Philip Schofield in case anyone wondered.) I’ll be a pastry chef in no time!
  3.     Going to learn to be a grown up. I’m turning 21 this year (errrgghhh) so that means I’m officially an adult and it’s time to start acting a bit like one… This means cooking actual food and not microwaving Rustlers burgers. Cleaning the dishes, not leaving it until you’re eating off kitchen roll because you ran out of plates. And actually cleaning the flat and changing the sheets because I’m supposed to, not just when someone’s coming round and I’m scared they’ll think I’m shit.
  4.    I’m going to blog again! So I’ve already got a bit of a head start, going to try to keep going, get some nice foodie pictures going, track my progress and document my year!

So I’ll let you know how it goes! I’ve already started my first resolution, and it’s going pretty well, fridge fully stocked with lean ham, vegetables and Muller-lights, as per Slimming World instructions, but I’m a little worried for my bank balance as well as my skinny jeans waistband as there’s a new Humming Bird bakery opening literally 4 doors down from The Duke. And I have to walk past it to get to and from work. And, in case you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting one yet, it’s delicious, and overpriced. Two things, apparently, my stomach loves. Maybe I’ll exercise a bit.

But will-power all the way, and I will be skinny for summer in London! Dreaming of walking round Soho and picnics in Richmond park as a scantily clad skinny teenager. Plus 2 years.